Your New Favorite Pizza: Chicken Bacon Ranch

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It’s hard to think of something better than pizza when you need an easy and satisfying meal. You can share it with your friends, have dinner with your family, or keep it all for yourself. The options are nearly endless, but we tend to stick with what we like. But if you’re tired of ordering the same thing every time you get pizza, it’s time to switch it up. We have some great specialty pizzas on our menu at Chelmsford Sub Shoppe, but we want to look at one in particular: chicken bacon ranch.


Never tried this pizza before? Get ready to meet your new favorite.


An Unbeatable Flavor Combination

Traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni and sausage are great, but you want something different every now and then. The flavor combination of chicken bacon ranch will give you exactly that. Savory chicken combines with salty and smoky bacon and tangy ranch dressing tops it off to complete the experience. Every bite is exciting and a little bit unexpected. You’ll also have a slightly different experience with this pizza depending on where you order it from. Some places use grilled chicken, while others go for breaded. Different varieties of bacon also have different flavors, and not all ranch dressing is exactly the same.


The Ideal Mix of Textures

The textures, as well as the flavors, make chicken bacon ranch a unique pizza experience. Let’s start with the bacon. Crispy bacon gives an extra and satisfying crunch, but you can also cook bacon to a chewy texture. If a crunchy texture is something that you’re looking for, breaded and fried chicken will add to the experience. To round it out, the ranch dressing brings a creamy texture, adding a complexity that you won’t find with other pizzas.


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