Menu Spotlight: We’re Talking Gyros

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Whether you’re familiar with Mediterranean food or not, you’ve probably heard of the gyro. You’ve probably also wondered how you’re supposed to pronounce it. It’s yee-roh, but if you say it with a soft g sound, we’ll still know what you’re talking about. But gyros have a lot more going for them than just being a point of pronunciation debate. They’re a delicious wrap-style sandwich that you can get at plenty of restaurants, including Chelmsford Sub Shoppe!


Here we go: everything you need to know about gyros!


Why is it called that?

The name of the sandwich refers to the way it’s cooked. The name gyro comes from the Greek word for “turn” or “rotate” because we cook the meat for a gyro on a rotisserie. The rotating spit continually turns to slow-cook the meat evenly and keep it warm until it’s ready to serve.


What goes in it?

There are many variations on the gyro, but the basics are always the same. The base of any gyro sandwich is slices of rotisserie-cooked meat wrapped in pita bread or a similar flatbread. Traditionally, the meat is lamb, but beef, pork, and chicken are also common. Many places that serve gyros sometimes use a combination of different meats. There are also usually vegetables in a gyro. The most common are lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. To complete the traditional gyro, we drizzle a generous amount of tzatziki sauce. But these are only the basics. There are as many variations on the gyro as there are people who make them.


How’s the taste?

In a word, delicious, but let’s get into a little more detail. People love gyros because of the combination of flavors. Before cooking, we season the meat with traditional herbs and spices. The most common include oregano, thyme, marjoram, and garlic. Sometimes you’ll find some spicier flavors, such as paprika or chili powder. But the flavor experience of a gyro really isn’t complete without tzatziki sauce. The combination of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and dill makes a cool and creamy sauce that contrasts and complements the heat and spice of the meat.


Find gyros and all your favorites and Chelmsford Sub Shoppe!

Whether you’ve been a gyro fan for ages or have never tried one, you need to get down to Chelmsford Sub Shoppe and try ours! We also have pizza, burgers, subs, and much more, so there’s something for everyone on our menu.


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