How Much Do You Know About Roast Beef Sandwiches?

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The best things are those that pass the test of time. And that is particularly true of food. There are so many fads that come and go, but the best things stick around. At Chelmsford Sub Shoppe, we are proud to bring you the timeless meals that never wane in popularity. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but roast beef sandwiches are definitely near the top of our list. But how much do you know about this New England staple?


Let’s dig in to the history of roast beef sandwiches.


A Local Favorite

There are some questions about the origins of roast beef, but there’s no disputing that it comes from Boston and the North Shore. Some will claim that it first appeared in Chicago, but we can’t possibly believe that’s true. True roast beef sandwiches are a proud Boston-area invention.

You may have heard multiple stories about the first roast beef sandwiches, but the most popular story involves a canceled wedding in 1951. The story goes that a couple hired Kelly’s in Revere to cater their wedding but then canceled it at the last minute for reasons unknown. The unexpectedly canceled wedding left Kelly’s with a whole roast beef on their hands. They didn’t want to waste all that excellent beef, so they sliced it up and served it at their hot dog stands. People loved the impromptu sandwiches, and they remain Kelly’s most popular menu item.


It’s more than just the sandwich’s origins that spark debate.


Enjoy the Best Roast Beef Sandwich

All you need to make a roast beef sandwich is roast beef and bread. But to have a truly great roast beef sandwich, you need the right toppings and condiments. But what are those? A popular combination—called the “three-way—is barbeque sauce, cheese, and mayo. But there are several other delicious options, including horseradish, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and pickles (but probably not all of them at once).


roast beef sandwiches near me

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